With over 30 years in the agribusiness, we are a vertically integrated company, managing over 1,500 acres (600 hectares) of farmland in Paracas and the Pisco Valley in Peru, and our own state of the art processing and packaging facilities. Our values are translated into constant innovation, responsible farming practices and commitment in developing a better community.


Diversification is at the core of our business, therefore we offer full-year supply of fresh produce and our processing and packaging facilities are set-up to work year-round.


With an area of 110,000 square feet (over 10,000 m2), our processing and packaging house works year-round processing and packaging fresh produce from our own farms as well as from other farms in the area. Following strict processes, we ensure that all fresh produce that goes out of our facilities complies with the highest international food safety standards. Depending on the type of produce, our services cover the full spectrum of the processing and packaging chain, guaranteeing product quality end-to-end.

1. Receipt of products, submitted to strong quality controls
2. Sorting and classification by category
3. Quality certification, packaging and standardization
4. Storage & Cooling
5. Loading & Transportation


Building on our knowhow and experienced farm managers, we offer farm management services to other producers. This not only helps them grow in a better and faster rate, but also benefit from the economies of scale that we provide.
Our services include all aspects of farming, from developing seasonal plans to monitoring and managing farms, as well as using our facilities (labs, offices) and equipment.


At the heart of our business lies our team, the community we operate in and, most importantly, our customers. Therefore we constantly revise our practices to make sure that through the entire process, we provide the best products, with the most positive impact. We make sure that our products are safe and we extensively use biological controls and the best inputs, responsibly sourced, through all processing stages. Our workers receive fair wages and benefits, and are provided with all the ad-hoc equipment to work safely, and in a healthy environment.